Custom Window Graphics for the 21st Century Office

When you run a busy office, it can be easy for decorations and other aesthetic changes to slip your mind. Unfortunately, chances are good that these kinds of things won’t go unnoticed by your potential clients who visit the office. Maintaining an inviting and professional office environment is an integral part of getting those all-important potential clients to sign on for your services.

One of the best ways to promote a neat appearance while continuing to push your branding is with custom commercial window films. If you’ve ever been to a fancy office building that features glass as a large part of the interior design, chances are you’ve seen some form of this window tinting before. Many businesses use it to help identify their office in an otherwise uniform sea of doors.

There are several benefits to having custom commercial window films applied to glass surfaces in your office building. Let’s dive into some of the most important benefits that branded window film can offer.

Better Visibility

As anyone who has been in a large office building or complex knows, it can be a confusing maze of doors, number plaques, and uniform looking offices. Nobody likes wandering around these mostly blank corridors searching for the office they came to visit, and while directories can be helpful, without good signage it can be hard to determine whether or not you’re in the right place without awkwardly asking someone what office you are in.

Take the guesswork out of looking for your office by having custom branded window films applied to the glass on the door or exterior windows of your office. This will improve your visibility for prospective customers, and make it easy to direct them straight to your office. With custom window films, your customers or prospective clients will know without a doubt that they are in the right place.

Professional Appearance

When trying to impress potential clients and customers, your professional appearance is incredibly important. You don’t want your prospective clients walking into a nondescript office with no decoration or style. You want to impress them as soon as they walk in, and let them know that they’re in your office.

Custom window films show that you care about the professional appearance of your office. These films can be branded logos that you affix to doors and windows, or stripes or other patterns on glass walls in your office to help break up the space. When used properly, creative window frosting or films can be a huge boost to the design aesthetics of your office.

Increased Privacy

This is a must for offices that have glass walls separating offices and conference rooms. Having plain glass walls around your conference room can make prospective clients very uncomfortable, as it feels like they are in a fishbowl with everyone watching. With some creative window treatments, you can add a touch of style, while giving added privacy for meetings and consultations.

Extra Branding

You can never have too much branding for your business, and with custom window graphics and decals, prospective clients will see your branding on the way in and out of your office. This exposure will help your office to look more professional, while keeping your clients and customers aware of your name and logo. A well designed logo can go a long way for maintaining a positive image and staying in the thoughts of your prospective clients.

Custom commercial window films are a great idea for any office, and can set you apart from your competition. Maintaining a strong brand image is important, and it all starts at your main office where your largest clients and customers will be coming for meetings.

All Photos Courtesy of Solar Concepts Window Film Solutions.