Choosing A Franchise That Fits You

If you are thinking about taking the plunge and becoming a franchise owner, it’s necessary that you spend the required time and effort doing extremely thorough and detailed, in-depth research of everything involved. Whether you are interested in owning a 7-11 franchise or want to become a franchise owner of a service-based industry such as owning a carpet cleaning company in Virginia Beach, the planning and work that goes into the decision is the same.


One of the most important, and vital steps to choosing a franchise for your lifestyle is knowing what your individual strengths and weaknesses are. If you are a highly-technical individual who loves being able to record numbers and quantitative data, then you may want to pursue something in the finance or commerce-based sector.

If you are a hands-on, get down and dirty type of person, there are plenty of franchises for you as well! Some of the biggest topics to consider when choosing a franchise are the following:

  1. Your Experience
    1. This is easily over-looked, but in my opinion, one of the absolutely necessary items. In a lot of cases, an individual will have an opportunity to become a franchise owner in a field that they have no experience in. This is a huge mistake! If a franchise owner is experienced, knowledgeable, and very comfortable in the business field they want to own a franchise in, their odds of succeeding are vastly increased! They will have more information to base their business decisions off of, and will know exactly what potential customers will be looking for from the business. If you aren’t knowledgeable about a particular field, either find someone who is to help, or choose another!
  2. Your Budget
    1. Another important factor to consider when deciding on pursuing a franchise ownership or not is your budget. For most, if not all, franchises, you will be required to put a “down payment” towards the franchise when you start up. This goes directly to the corporation, and in some cases, they will use a small portion of these funds to help get you going with a variety of training and other helpful resources. As a general rule of thumb, you should expect to be required to put down somewhere in the range of $10,000+, depending on the franchise you are looking at, and the area it is located in.
  3. The Franchise Itself
    1. Sometimes, individuals are easily lulled into believing that a franchise is performing well steadily and will continue to perform well. As times change around the world, businesses come and go, and the same is true for franchises. In some instances, franchise owners have had conflicts of interest and other personal issues with the franchise they are a part of, and that is never a good sign. Whether you are focused on the company’s performance, their moral & political views, or something totally different, being comfortable and happy with the franchise you represent is huge! Choosing a company that cares about the environment is a major factor for me, so one of my first franchise opportunities that came along, a business that specialized in carpet cleaning in Hagerstown MD, was the first thing I jumped on. They utilize an all-natural cleaning product that is eco-friendly and really resonated with me. Take the time to choose the franchise that fits with your personality, values, and morals!

Once you have taken some time to thoroughly evaluate and review each of your options, take a moment to reflect upon yourself and make your decision. Deciding on pursuing a franchise option that doesn’t have any tangible returns can cause enormous burdens, both financially and mentally, on an individual.